About Us: A Positive Philosophy

At BB Interiors & More we know that a positive relationship with our clients is the key to successful design. Our experience has taught us the importance of establishing common goals early on in order to ensure that the results we deliver are the results you expect.


Your Space, Your Choice

We always place your wishes first - it is, after all, your space. We have the necessary experience and flexibility to guide you through every step of the project, from design and planning to implementation and maintenance. Make us part of the solution.


BB Interiors & More provide full remodeling services, from creating your wish list to space-planning, to color schemes and furniture selection. Working with a designer is a like adding another member to your family.  We will get to know you and determine your lifestyles, habits, preferences, and direction you are headed.  BB Interiors & More will put together a room by room plan according to dicoveries made during the initial consultation.